Anna M. Eglantine is a self-taught artist and a freelance illustrator whose work is directly influenced by her fascination for wildlife. Her very first inspirations stand at the crossroads of Natural History, cabinets of curiosities and the mythological bestiaries of the Ancient world’s fables and tales.

She loves to depict the living world through a sacred dimension that she invokes by playing with the meanings of words, pictures and ideas… With this personification she creates genuine visual myths where nature is on the front burner. Thus, Anna’s work wavers between reality and imagination and gives a symbolic touch to her drawings which aim to reconnect each one of us with nature.

Inspired by the artwork of Gutave Doré and Albrecht Dürer, as well as Jeff Soto, James Jean or Vania Zouravliov, she mainly draws with ink in a style shaped by pop culture, tattoos or even graphic art.

At the end, her pursuit is nothing more but to praise Nature itself through the eyes of Art.